Trudy Painter

Hey! I'm Trudy. I'm a 2nd year undergrad student at MIT studying computer science and comparative media studies.

I'm interested in building systems, creative coding, data analysis, and how people express themselves.

You can contact me at

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2020 Summer Research with Poetic Justice Group, MIT Media Lab

Real Talk Radio is a continuous stream of intros, outros, skits, and interludes in Black music. I led this project and completed the following:
1. Curated a database of over 500 song clips of spoken intros, outros, interludes, and skits
2. Coded a generative broadcasting system to stream and crossfade the clips with HTML/CSS/JS
3. Designed a backend Python automation system for Google Drive to both (a) reflect human curator changes and (b) update new artist information

Check out the project workflow or the desktop stream.
Code available upon request.


Personal Project, Summer 2020

I wanted to find a way to document myself with no extra daily effort. Spotify's API has ~mood~ indexes for songs, so I made a website to practice data collection/visualization and full stack web development.

Check out the project website (


Personal Project, Winter 2020

I like taking pictures and posting them on VSCO. And, I also like making zines. So, I created a Flask server to render HTML suitable for Bindery.js (a library that creates printable books from webpages). My work is also featured in the Bindery.js gallery.

Check out the project website and make your own zine!


2020 January Research with Laboratory for Social Machines, MIT Media Lab

This was a self-taught, month-long introduction to machine learning research. It applies Python's Natural Language Toolkit and Google's PageRank algorithm to create a machine learning model to predict for the most reportable event (MRE) of a personal story. It includes two ways to visualize the story data and effectively organizes and analyzes results.

Check out the project repository.


Personal Project, Spring 2020

Practice in computational poetry! My friend Natalie kept making up funny memoir titles, so I tried to copy her speech patterns with a Twitter bot.

Check out the source code.


Personal Project, Spring 2020

I love Pokemon cards, but I didn't know of anywhere to easily see them all. So, I used a Python web scraper and uploaded 10,000 of them to a channel in

Check out the source code or the channel.